COVID-19 Outbreak Stokes Fear

With a recent report of 19,455 new cases of COVID-19 in Shanghai and with it a record number of deaths, it is turning out to be the new epicenter of China’s worst COVID outbreak. Lockdowns and stricter laws continue to be enforced by officials, with residents continuing to be stuck in their homes for weeks while facing shortages of medical attention, food, and other supplies.

Beijing officials are trying to avoid the same thing in China’s capital city, as the rising numbers are not only affecting the population but China’s economy as well. Stocks are slumping and the yuan has fallen to its weakest in a year. Panic buying is also currently being done by Beijing residents in case they do face being sealed off in their compounds for a long period of time. But because China is determined to carry out its Covid Zero policy, testing is now being ramped up, with inhabitants of the eastern district of Chaoyang – from white-collar workers to young children – scheduled to be tested three times a week, especially since a large number of infected people were recently discovered.

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