Flu Tests in Orlando, FL

Distinguishing between COVID-19 & the Flu
Since the symptoms of COVID-19 and the flu are very similar, it may be difficult to determine what you have. With just one swab, you will be able to determine what is making you sick and helps you determinethe right treatment plan for you. If you test positive for the flu virus, you can be prescribed antivirals early on, preventing a worsening a symptoms and shortening your days of illness.

How does the test work?
After signing up for an appointment through the link on this page, you willsee a doctor at your selected date and time of appointment. The doctor will ruba swab through the back of your throat or along your nose.

How long does it take to get results?
The results for Flu Tests in Orlando, FL will come back within 15 minutes.

What does the test look for?
When receiving your results, you will be notified not only if you have the virus, but also what type it is, influenza A or B.

How much does a Flu Test cost?
A Flu Test in Orlando, FL costs $35 and is not covered by insurance.

Where can I get Flu & Step Testing?
Both of our locations offer Flu and strep testing. You can book online to get tested at either the Tavares or Kissimmee location.

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