Types of COVID Test in Orlando, FL: Process, Accuracy, & Cost

As the COVID-19 pandemic has taken over the world by storm for over 2 years now, and as the virus becomes a part of the “new normal” we are living in, the healthcare industry is continuously at work when it comes to providing the most accessible and affordable medical services that will help alleviate the spread of the coronavirus. As the symptoms of COVID are almost similar to common flu, testing is also an effective way of differentiating the two conditions you may be diagnosed with. 


COVID test sites have become abundant worldwide, making it more accessible for people to get themselves tested at their most convenient locations. There are several types of COVID tests and to make sure that your visit is worth the while, it’s important to be aware of each type, That way, you will know which is more suitable for your needs. 


Antigen Test


The first one up is our antigen test, which offers the fastest processing time. You can do it as quickly as 15 minutes. It is designed to test the presence of antigen, which can then be an implication of a viral infection. An antigen test is also commonly used in detecting respiratory-related issues, with influenza viruses being one of the most common. Apart from providing fast results, this is also one of the least expensive testing methods. You can get it for as low as $99 if you have been exposed to COVID-19 as per the CDC guideline or if you have existing symptoms.


NAAT Molecular Test


Nuclear Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) Molecular Test is designed to detect the presence of SARS-CoV2, which is the virus behind COVID. It has the ability to detect RNA sequences that contribute to the defect of the genetic material of the virus. The process for this takes about 30 minutes to finish. Because of its amplified nucleic acid component, It is known to easily detect the presence of SARS-Cov-2 even in the smallest amount and is unlikely to generate a false negative result. So more often than not, results are highly accurate. With or without insurance, you can get it at $149.


PCR Test


A Polymerase Chain Reaction or most commonly referred to as PCR Test is a measure to detect the presence of the virus through its genetic material. It analyzes your upper respiratory system and has the ability to detect the virus if you are infected during the time of your test. Just like the previous two tests, it’s also highly accurate and reliable, but with a longer processing time of 24-48 hours before results come out. You can get a PCR Test for free if you have symptoms or exposure to COVID-19 as per the CDC guidelines. 


So which is the best option among the three: Antigen, NAAT, or PCR?


All three tests are guaranteed to be accurate and reliable. They are also convenient and can provide fast results. There are just differences in processing time and it is obvious that an Antigen test is the quickest to show results.


The PCR test is considered to be the golden standard among all available COVID tests across the world. It is known to give the most reliable results especially when it comes to detecting active viral infection, even at the time of your test. This is because the testing occurs as the genetic material in the specimen breaks down. In contrast to an antigen test that is best effective in providing accurate results when it’s done on the first few days of your symptoms. 


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As Covid becomes a part of the new normal of the world, we at Orlando Covid Test in Florida are consistently at work in providing a fast-paced but quality testing service to help manage and contain the virus effectively. Our test sites offer Antigen, NAAT, and PRC tests which you can avail of for reasonable prices. We make sure that our services are accessible to everyone in need, because that way, together, we can keep our community safe as we gradually pave the path to a Covid-free world.


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